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Byron Private Treatment Centre is borne from the inspiring personal journeys of its founder, who has a profound respect for the courage and grit needed to overcome adversity.

Set in the hinterland of Byron Bay, Byron Private is an integrative holistic residential treatment facility providing specialised therapeutic support for individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol addiction, trauma, eating disorders and relationship issues.

Our nurturing residential centre is purpose-built and nestled on expansive rainforest grounds in the breathtaking hinterland of Byron Bay, just 10 minutes from pristine beaches. Internationally renowned as a global wellness destination, clients experience first-hand why Byron Bay is such a powerful place of healing and rejuvenation.

Bringing together a diverse range of highly qualified practitioners from both western and eastern philosophies provides clients with a program that addresses all aspects of care. Our experienced multidisciplinary team is comprised of psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, therapists and alternative health care workers. They are trained in a variety of modalities such as naturopathy, acupuncture, bodywork, massage, yoga and creative therapies.



We respect that the needs of each person are unique and that each of our journeys are different therefore we tailor our supports and program to best benefit your individual needs. You will be seen and cared for within our highly personalised approach.


The atmosphere at Byron Private Treatment Centre is friendly, welcoming, honest and intimate. You are treated with respect, consideration and care and our treatment model allows the space needed for our practitioners to provide you (or your loved one) with quality individual support in your treatment process.


Each of the practitioners in Byron Private’s team have extensive experience in applying a range of evidence-based treatment approaches, including trauma based models, Gestalt, family/ systemic constellation work, neurobiology and mindfulness.

All practitioners at Byron Private are committed to their own self-development and training. If you would like to find out more about our unique approach to treatment please contact us today.



We offer a more holistic approach to treatment, which is not being offered in hospitals or publicly-funded facilities. Byron Private offers the ideal alternative to the standard clinical atmosphere, and facilities with often larger groups of people undergoing treatment.

We take a caring approach, and only have a maximum of 12 clients at any one time. There is support for you 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week with a team of dedicated psychologists, therapists, carers and program coordinators to ensure your experience is like no other.


We respect that the needs of each person are unique and that each of our journeys are different therefore we tailor our supports and program to best benefit your individual needs. You will be seen and cared for within our highly personalised approach.


Clinicians and professionals trust us above other programs because of our impeccable reputation for integrity, compassion, quality of care and long term recovery.


Byron Private Treatment Centre achieved certification with Sci Qual International in 2016 against internationally recognised standard ISO9001:2015. Certification means Byron Private can guarantee our clients and their families a level of quality, safety and security not currently adopted across the private sector. Regular auditing to maintain certification ensures we are not only accountable for the programs we provide but a safe, consistent and quality service that most importantly complies with the law.


The people you will meet in our program are from all walks of life - parents, doctors, hairdressers, lawyers and farmers. You will find that they are here for a range of reasons, some with addiction issues or eating disorders, others simply needing support as they leave a relationship, grieve the loss of a child or to save a marriage. They may have childhood trauma, relationship issues, low self esteem or exhaustion from giving too much to others.

Everyone has one thing in common, a desire to stop the pain, make positive changes in their life and recognise that they need others to help them to do it. If you desire real change in your life and want to heal emotionally, physically and mentally then our program is right for you.


Byron Private Treatment Centre is unable to accept people who:

Based on the Pre-Admission Assessment, the Clinical Director decides whether treatment at Byron Private is appropriate for the person.  Where necessary, the Clinical Director will consult with Byron Private's clinical advisors as required to determine the length and type of treatment program recommended. If your needs are more acute or we are not the right fit, the team at Byron Private will refer you to a program that is better suited to you or your loved ones. We are here to help and are whole heartedly committed to your well-being from day one.

Byron Private Treatment Centre

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