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Set in the hinterland of Byron Bay, Byron Private Treatment Centre is an integrative holistic residential treatment facility providing specialised therapeutic support for individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol addiction, trauma, eating disorders and relationship issues. The centre is located on a lush creek-lined acreage in the picturesque hinterland of Byron Bay. The treatment centers founders Kylie Beattie and David Godden established Byron Private with a vision of combining expert health professionals and complimentary holistic therapies to deliver a leading integrative treatment program set in the healing environment of Byron Bay. We have brought together a diverse range of highly qualified practitioners that draw from both western and eastern philosophies, including holistic therapy, to provide clients with a treatment program that addresses all aspects of care. Our experienced and highly qualified multidisciplinary team of practitioners is comprised of psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, therapists and alternative health care workers. They are trained in a variety of modalities such as naturopathy, acupuncture, bodywork, massage, yoga and creative therapies.


Byron Private’s team of practitioners have extensive experience applying a range of evidence based treatment approaches, including trauma based models, gestalt, family / systemic constellation work, neurobiology and mindfulness. The following models influence our overriding approach to the treatment of emotional development, trauma resolution, addiction, eating disorders and forming and maintaining relationships:

Our approach is personal and unique; the atmosphere at Byron Private Treatment Centre is unlike that of large clinical settings, which allows more space for practitioners to provide individual and quality support to clients in their process at Byron Private. Byron Private is a small therapeutic community, which in itself is a fundamental agent for change. We believe that relationships are central to recovery and the community at Byron Private provides an avenue for clients to learn about themselves through identification, group process and observing and interacting with others. All practitioners at Byron Private are committed to their own self-development, we understand that therapists are only able to take clients where they too have gone themselves. If you would like to find out more about our unique approach to treatment please contact us today.


Byron Private Treatment Centre in Byron Bay, Australia is a leading integrative holistic program treating eating disorders, depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol addiction, trauma, and relationship issues. Our treatment centre is unique in its philosophy and approach being one of the only integrated holistic residential treatment facilities in a community setting in Australia. At Byron Private we strive to deliver a program that is based on values of integrity, confidentiality, authenticity, compassion and professionalism. Our holistic program in Byron Bay is designed to work alongside you, as we understand that each client is unique with his or her own story to tell. Our qualified team of clinicians will work together to develop and deliver a program that draws on a combination of effective and specialist therapies to support you in moving towards a healthier way of life.

Byron Private Treatment Centre achieved certification with Sci Qual International in 2016 against internationally recognised standard ISO9001:2015. Certification means Byron Private can guarantee our clients and their families a level of quality, safety and security not currently adopted across the private sector. Byron Private has obtained certification to further demonstrate our commitment in providing quality programs in the private sector while bringing peace of mind to our clients and their families. The process of regular auditing to maintain certification ensures we are not only accountable for the programs we provide but a safe, consistent and quality service that most importantly complies with the law.


While Byron Privates treatment team does include fully qualified psychiatric and medical professionals, please note that people with existing health conditions may not be accepted into the program if they are deemed high risk and require more acute care.

The potential resident:

  • Must be over 18 years of age
  • Should have an interest in treatment and motivation to attend the program
  • Should be able to comprehend and understand materials presented, and be mentally able to participate in the treatment process

Byron Private Treatment Centre is unable to accept people who:

  • Are currently suffering from psychosis
  • Are actively suicidal with a plan, intent and means
  • Individuals who are experiencing an immediate mental and / or physical health crisis that requires urgent medical care

Based on the Pre-Admission Assessment, the Clinical Director decides whether treatment at Byron Private is appropriate for the person.  Where necessary, the Clinical Director will consult with Byron Privates clinical advisors as required to determine the length and type of treatment program recommended.

Where Byron Private declines to offer treatment, a suitable referral to alternative care is provided.


Since inception Byron Private Treatment Centre has been committed to the environment, continually looking at avenues to reduce their environmental impact. The sustainable addiction and trauma treatment centre is continually working at protecting vulnerable flora and fauna and preserving and restoring endangered ecological communities present on the property such as the lowland subtropical rainforest.

Electricity is supplied via the recently installed 5kW solar electric system designed to service the centre’s electricity needs. The centre uses all LED lighting, which last longer and uses a fraction of the energy of standard lighting enabling Byron Private to significantly reduce its energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Byron Private water supply is a combination of harvested rainwater and groundwater. The water is not treated with chlorine or fluoride and has been tested by Rous Water Laboratories as meeting the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, most importantly the water tastes great, just as mother nature intended.

A state of the art on-site effluent treatment plant processes the properties effluent, eliminating the possibility of harmful sewage pollution damaging the environment. The effluent is treated in a four stage process. First solids are removed, then nutrients are absorbed by plants through a series of reed beds, the remaining liquid is then treated with ultra violet light and finally the water is pumped into evapotranpsiration beds where it evaporates into the air and soaks into the soil leaving absolutely no residual effect.

Food waste, paper and cardboard are all composted on site for reuse in the organic food production garden.

Byron Private Treatment Centre is committed to responsible management of the captivatingly beautiful natural environment present both on the property and its surrounds. Current projects involve the restoration of Lowland Subtropical Rainforest along the riparian zone (creek). This area is protected under the Threatened Species Conservation Act as an Endangered Ecological Community and is home to the Macadamia tetraphylla, Macadamia Nut and Syzygium hodgkinsoniae, Smooth-bark Rose Apple which are both listed as vulnerable under federal and state conservation legislation. Professional bush regenerators engaged by Byron Private have removed vast amounts of weed species to allow endemic rainforest species to flourish.

Koala’s occasionally visit the property to source favourite food trees and the team at Byron Private are working with Byron Shire Council’s Koala Connections Project Officer on a project to improve and expand koala habitat by planting areas of koala food trees such as Eucalyptus Robusta, Swamp Mahogany, Eucalyptus Microcorys, Tallowood and Eucalyptus Saligna, Sydney Blue Gum along with many other species. Increasing the koala’s habitat increases their chance of survival by supporting population growth hence reduced interbreeding and related disease.

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Associate Member Australian Psychological Society
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