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On Being Imperfect at Easter

For many, Easter represents a time of connection with family and friends, enjoying a few too many Easter eggs and taking a break from our busy lives. For those however that are struggling with eating disorders it can be flavoured with intense fear and shame. I...

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Price vs Cost

As someone who is passionate about organic food I often hear people say “but it is so expensive” and yes it does cost more, at the point of sale perhaps but what about the costs we don't account for at the checkout when we purchase cheaper produce? There is a set of...

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Interrupted Reaching Out Movement

Interrupted Reaching Out Movement (IROM) Interrupted Reaching Out Movement (IROM) is a simple label for a complex dynamic. IROM stems from a disruption in the flow of love in the relationship between parent and child and can lead to a reduced capacity for being...

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The Family System in Crisis

THE FAMILY SYSTEM IN CRISIS There are few things more distressing than watching someone we love head down a seemingly self-destructive path. Families and friends of those caught in the cycle of destructive behaviours often struggle to make sense of and cope with the...

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Organic Food and Planetary Health

Food is medicine. This statement is often seen as somewhat “radical” to the mainstream. It is not a new idea, but knowledge we have forgotten very recently in human history. This new way of living was forced on nature not in tune with it.

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