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Byron Private Attends Parliamentary Inquiry

Kylie Beattie | Thursday, July 5th, 2018

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Byron Private recently made a written submission to the NSW parliamentary inquiry into the provision of drug rehabilitation services in regional, rural and remote NSW. We were privileged to then be invited as one of just two private operators in our area to personally meet with the committee members and discuss our view.

From a regulatory perspective, it was noted that the addiction treatment industry is largely unregulated.  The parliamentary committee took the time to understand Byron Private’s comprehensive governance model, including the participation of highly qualified professionals, adoption of international best practices, and voluntary attainment of ISO accreditation.  It was further noted that such standards may provide a model for the industry moving forward and that vulnerable clients would be well served by having such protections in place.

"Byron Private's Quality Certification takes the documentation of policies and processes to a standard, and then a third-party certification order to ensure that those policies and procedures are in place, that people understand them and there has been training, and that there are regular audits of that system." David Beattie - Owner

With regard to the availability of services for clients seeking addiction treatment, the committee observed that there is no central register for available beds in private and non-government organisations and that the introduction of such a register seemed desirable. It was an honour to share the journey of Byron Private and where it is today. We were able to provide some input as to how we are able to provide such high levels of care and interaction with our clients and their families and the difficulties government funded facilities have with more limited pools of resources and regulations regarding funding.

"I think a lot of government funded organisations are changing their direction and that is to do with the insecurity of ongoing funding. I think that is a massive issue for our society and for government. To really support non-government organisations, I think that there needs to be real clarity of long-term funding so that they can deliver a model that best suits their clients and not be in fear of losing that funding or planning short term for services. I think that is a really important aspect ongoing. For private, we probably need some forward visibility of what that regulation will look like because it is an inherent risk for us in investment." David Beattie- Owner

We were able to provide our views on the importance of longer term one-on-one therapy, family therapy and addressing generational and systemic trauma to uncover the underlying causes feeding the addiction or disorder. It was promising to see the interest in the family’s involvement in treatment and the power they have to support and invite change in their loved ones.

"Mrs Beattie, you spoke about what you believe is your success which really struck a chord with me. How do you involve families? I think stigma is a big part of why young people especially have quite a negative stigma with drug use..." Dr Mehreen Faruzi - Parliamentary Member

"We get families engaged in becoming a part of a solution. There is often a lot of stigma and shame....engaging the whole family allows our clients to feel that they are not the problem and that the whole family is a system in which everyone is equally responsible for their part in how they respond to the problem. This then enables the 'addict' to feel less burdened from the shame and the feeling that there is something inherently wrong with them. The addiction can often become the gift for the family system really, they are just representing where the difficulties are" Kylie Beattie - Director

From Byron Private’s perspective, attending the parliamentary committee and being so thoroughly heard and encouraged by our parliamentary leaders was a heart warming experience.  From this we expect to remain actively involved in assisting our leaders in the future regulation and promotion of services in our industry.

Click Here to read the terms of reference for the Inquiry into the provision of drug rehabilitation services in regional, rural and remote New South Wales

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