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Renato on True Recovery and the Absence of Doing
Renato brings to his work at Byron Private over thirty years experience and a deep wisdom and grounding presence that stems from his love of transpersonal therapy and Buddhist psychology. He has a direct, dynamic and compassionate approach that is valued greatly by those who cross his path. Here are his thoughts on the limitations of traditional psychology and how we can move beyond just 'functioning' to touch our true nature. Q. What informs your work Renato? While I come from a traditional psychotherapeutic background with gestalt therapy and family therapy, I am focussing more and more on the transpersonal...
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How To Manage When Someone You Love Is Suicidal
Walking the Tightrope – Tips for Managing Self When a Loved One is Suicidal  Much of what is actually helpful when someone is in the black night of suicidality is wildly counter-intuitive and requires thoughtful, considered responses rather than automatic instinctual reactions. As human beings, our power is limited when it comes to suicidality and if we can accept that, we can inhabit fully the power we actually have…to manage our own reactions so that we can become an emotional resource for the person standing on the precipice. There is wisdom in directing one’s change effort away from changing the...
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Family Constellation Training Byron Bay
– Maria Dolenc 2019 "When I lived in South Africa, someone told me what the longest road in Africa is. It's not the road from Cairo to Capetown, it's the way from your head to your heart, and from there to the here and now"Bert Hellinger Taking part in Family Systemic Constellation workshops and training with Maria Dolenc over the past 13 years has been the catalyst for deep growth, connection and love, beyond what I thought was possible. Often I was blinded by my own story or fears and I would project that onto my relationships, bringing the complete...
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Byron Writers Fest 2018: Why “having it all” must include mental wellbeing
I have always wanted to attend The Byron Writers Festival (BWF) but had somewhere along the line made up a story that it was for the special group of book writing people and thoughtful intellects who could debate about politics and current affairs at length. However, when I saw a focus on mental health and the lives surrounding the authors I decided it was time to put aside my preconceptions and see what it was all about….and I’m so glad I did. What I learnt, very quickly, was that all of these incredible writers had one thing in common, their...
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Embracing Discomfort Is Where The Recovery Gold Is
“This capacity leads us to the very heart of what makes recovery sustainable, and life worth living, because almost everything that human beings deeply crave lies on the other side of avoiding discomfort.” Very often, people come to treatment expecting to be fixed,…for all the struggle to just melt away and be replaced by an easy, comfortable life. Sounds great doesn’t it? Most human beings are partial to chasing this beautiful fantasy in some way, shape or form, particularly during times of struggle, but wouldn’t something incredibly vital be lost if we were ever granted such an instant miracle? Haven’t...
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Staying Embodied – Psycho-Emotional Rain, Hail or Shine
Meditation 101: Equanimity.   Radical permission to allow, accept and feel. Can’t sit still for 2 mins? I hear you. In fact, when it came to starting a meditation practice, this was my main barrier to entry until I realised what was driving the hyperactivity. For us (and we know we’re not alone) this surface level can’t sit still-ness was actually a symptom of self-aversion. It might sound strange initially but consider this. We all reflexively move towards pleasure and away from pain, of both the emotional and physical variety. It’s part of our in-built survival kit - the way our nervous...
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Abundance IS Who We Are
Abundance IS who we are. It is how we value ourselves, and how much we appreciate both who we are and what we have. If one focuses on external validation and comparison, then we will always be empty and in a state of 'less than' or 'better than'. If we get stuck in the pattern of believing 'more is better', then we are in scarcity, the opposite of abundance. Some approaches from wisdom, deeper insights and from the Ego (spiritual Ego) believe that we deserve what we want or desire. I think this is a trap which we all fall...
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Are Resolutions Unrealistic and Self Defeating?
“Each morning we are born again. What we do today matters most”.~ Buddha ~ Every year as the new year rolls around I hear lots of talk about what people’s new year’s resolutions will be, and what kind of year people are planning to have. I have long been fascinated by this phenomenon because personally I have found New Year’s resolutions to be a rather futile act of self-deception, and a surefire way to invite self-flagellation, hopelessness and despair, if not by mid-January, then certainly by early February. The idea that I could identify a behaviour that up until the...
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How to Silence the Inner Critic by Cultivating Self Compassion
This blog post on the cultivation of self-compassion was originally posted on www.jodiegale.com It is shared here with permission. What we love about this article is the simple steps to cultivate self-compassion, a crucial but often missing ingredient for healing from addictions and eating disorders. This article shows that the simplest of practices can bring you back into your body and out of the jungle of the mind. HOW TO SILENCE THE INNER CRITIC BY CULTIVATING SELF-COMPASSION The Inner critic sub personality (superego) is that critical inner voice that judges, attacks, demeans and beats us up. It usually stems from our childhood...
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