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Family / Systemic Constellation Work

Despite their greatest efforts many people struggle to live their lives to the fullest and to relate well in their closest family relationships. Some describe the experience as if there are powerful forces that seem to thwart them in their lives; they feel entangled within the dynamics of their family as if in a spider’s web. These dynamics are like the wind, they are not visible but their presence is felt from the disturbance it leaves in its wake and it’s impact on our body and senses. Entanglements in family dynamics can result in relationship difficulties between partners, parents and children, siblings, and other important relationships. They can also contribute to other difficulties such as addictions, illnesses and negative repetitive patterns in our lives.

When we think psychologically we normally attribute these problems to negative attitudes or our upbringing. Twenty five years ago Bert Hellinger developed a method using constellations, to reveal hidden dynamics within the family, which he called "The Orders of Love". When the natural order becomes distorted by external forces such as an early death, the negative entanglements can persist for several generations.

Constellation work is a process by which systemic influences on a person are made visible. In setting up a constellation, a participant selects people to represent his or her family members and moves them around the room until their relative positions reflect the participants experience of his or her family. When this movement is done silently and with respect, the representatives report experiences similar to those of the original family members. The dynamics of the family relationship can be observed. Maria Dolenc works in a highly respectful manner to bring to awareness blocks that prevent love from flowing to all members of the system.

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Byron Private Treatment Centre uses constellation work to help bring to light the systemic influences operating in the client’s life and provides a non-judgemental space where family dynamics can be observed and the healing process begun. Maria Dolenc, Byron Privates highly skilled and experienced family systemic constellation facilitator works in a respectful and open manner to bring awareness to blocks that may be preventing love from flowing freely to all members of the system. 

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