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Drug and Alcohol, Trauma and Mental Health Rehab during Coronavirus COVID-19

Are Drug or Alcohol Rehabs in Australia Still Open?

Yes, Byron Private Rehab in Byron Bay, Australia is still open during COVID-19, because drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Australia is an essential service, even during COVID-19 pandemic.

For many the risks, sadly, are greater for the individual and the family, so for us rehab can’t stop but we have implemented measures to keep everyone safe and supported during this pandemic. With few new infections in Australia and positive signs of flattening the curve, along with our increased safety measure it is safe to enter drug and alcohol rehab in Australia right now.

Are rehabs overseas still open?

Some overseas rehabs in Bali and Thailand have closed, while some remain open or have changed their service offering to be completely online.
For those who reside in Australia you would not be able to fly to attend treatment overseas due to international travel restrictions from Australia.

Is It Still Safe to Go to Drug or Alcohol Rehab During COVID-19/ Coronavirus?

Yes, it is safe and the government have deemed health services such as those for mental health and drug and alcohol rehab, essential services. 
Some of the important questions to ask when seeking out the rehab facility during COVID-19 is;
What is the living and sleeping arrangements and how much space is provided at the facility? Are the programs run as usual or are they online or tele health? You may also like to ask about outings from the facility or are they still running programs that include family? 
Find out why Byron Private Rehab is safe and the measure we are taking here.


Should I Still Go to Drug or Alcohol Rehab Despite COVID-19/ Coronavirus?

We have found that while many are feeling the need to stay home during COVID-19 those struggling with mental health, trauma and alcohol and drug addiction are looking for a safe and contained space to address their issues out of the family and community domain.
For many, isolation, anxiety, fear and loneliness has intensified drug and alcohol use, trauma and mental health in Australia.
For those already isolated at home, they have used this time to go away and address their issues where before, work, social life and family commitments meant treatment was not as possible.

Finding Drug and Alcohol Rehab During COVID-19/ Coronavirus

If you or someone you know struggles with trauma, mental health or drug or alcohol addiction, please contact us directly or email through our site to see if Byron Private is right for you.

When a person is actively seeking treatment and open to support we understand it is a critical time for them and their family and will always refer onto a suitable facility if Byron Private is not the right fit.
Byron Private Rehab Centre in Australia is dedicated to helping the community during these uncertain times. We remain ready and available to provide high-quality treatment to anyone who endeavours to overcome mental health, trauma or substance abuse.

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