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Australian Drug and Alcohol Rehab, Trauma Treatment and Mental Health Services during COVID-19

Kylie Beattie | Friday, April 24th, 2020

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Can I still access services?

During COVID-19 it is more important than ever for people living with alcohol and drug addiction, trauma and mental health to have avenues to seek help but many are left wondering if Byron Private and rehab in Australia in general is still an open during COVID-19. 

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has forced most of the country into isolation and international travel to a standstill, a number of rehab centres in Australia are still open, including Byron Private Treatment Centre.

While some rehabs in Australia and many overseas have temporarily shut their door or ceased new admissions, Byron Private Rehab has been able to continue to offer this essential service in a safe and effective way while not compromising on client care and program delivery. You can find out how here

While the virus and everything COVID-19 related is weaving itself into our minds, TV screens and everyday conversations, trauma, drug addiction, alcohol abuse and mental health continue to impact our lives and our family systems.

COVID-19 has caused significant changes in the way we live our lives and impacted our personal and economic activity but it has not stopped the need for rehab in Australia. If anything we are hearing that these issues are being intensified during the Coronavirus pandemic by high levels of anxiety, fear, disconnection and loneliness. While before, the business of everyday life had kept many of us from really looking at the way in which we relate to ourselves, our families and our lives, COVID-19 has brought to the forefront our issues, providing an opportunity for many to finally face their issues and ask for the support they need. 

While there are many positives that have come out of COVID-19, (even Maria Dolenc, our family systems therapist shared this sentiment in an interview yesterday), we also see that for many with addiction or mental health this is not the reality, other than an opportunity to get help.

The reality is that those already struggling with alcohol use or drug addiction or trying to manage their mental health issues or post traumatic stress are finding their issues intensified with the increased stressors of COVID-19.

For those vulnerable emotionally, psychically and mentally COVID-19 is making a difficult situation worse and forcing us to really look at ourselves on a deeper level and finally get the support we need.

So what can you do during this pandemic if you are struggling? 

You can still seek support from residential rehab in Australia during COVID-19. If anything, this time is so important as the pressures of everyday social interaction at work in the family and in the community are limited and providing the space many need to finally address their issues.

Many are finding they can escape into treatment with no one asking where they have gone or why they are not at social, work or family gatherings. This is an important time to get support before the demands of everyday life are back at the forefront again post-pandemic

If you or your loved one is struggling with trauma, mental health, drug addiction or alcohol abuse, it is possible to begin recovery today even within this new ‘normal’ we are faced with during COVID-19.

Byron Private is open and focused on maintaining support for its existing clients and people seeking support and can be contacted via our site or directly on 02 6684 4145 or 0457 888 890. You may like to read some of our frequently asked questions around rehab in Australia during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

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