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Rehabilitation Centre – Quality Management Certified

Quality Management Certified


Byron Private Treatment Centre achieved certification with Sci Qual International in 2016 against internationally recognised standard ISO9001:2015. Byron Private Treatment Centre in Byron Bay is a privately owned and operated treatment facility specialising in the treatment of substance use disorder, eating disorders and mental health issues, certification means Byron Private can guarantee our clients and their families a level of quality, safety and security not currently adopted across the private sector.

What does this mean for Byron Private Treatment Centre?

We hear consistently from our clients that finding the right private treatment facility is an overwhelming and confusing process in what is already a difficult time. While there are many facilities across Australia providing services to those struggling with addictions, mental health and eating disorders the private industry as a whole lacks a formal regulatory framework resulting in limited accountability for the services provided.

Byron Private has obtained certification to further demonstrate our commitment in providing quality programs in the private sector while bringing peace of mind to our clients and their families. The process of regular auditing to maintain certification ensures we are not only accountable for the programs we provide but a safe, consistent and quality service that most importantly complies with the law.

At the time of writing we are the only private treatment centre in Australia that has successfully achieved ISO quality certification with Sci Qual International. Byron Private can now compete in a new arena of health service delivery, along side private psychiatric hospitals and nationally recognised health service providers.

As the private treatment centre model is a relatively new addition to the health service industry in Australia, the domain has unfortunately lacked the credibility associated with hospitals, creating a gap in the relationship between service provider and consumer. The lack of understanding of the benefits associated with fee paid treatment options as opposed to the private health fund backed psychiatric hospital environment results in many calls from frustrated family members seeking an alternative to the medical model but unsure of where to begin.

Byron Private maintains a Quality Management System certified against ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Requirements. Staff are required to be familiar with the Byron Private Quality Policy and contribute to the development and continuous improvement of Byron Private's Quality Management System.

Byron Private's Quality Policy:

Byron Private is committed to providing innovative, evidence based programs and therapies that meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.

Our quality objectives:

Develop, implement and maintain a Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Requirements that:

  1. A) Delivers continuous improvement of high quality therapies and programs;
  2. B) Achieves premium customer satisfaction, reputation enhancement, and profitability;
  3. C) Draws input from all stakeholders in the development of quality programs;
  4. D) Meets all legislative requirements;
  5. E) Identifies and Manages Risks and Opportunities

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