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Long Term Program


Recovery is an ongoing process that requires commitment beyond intensive treatment. The Long Term Program is a key component in living a successful life of recovery beyond the safety and support of intensive residential treatment program. It is the bridge which helps you keep hold of the things you've learned and gained as you embark upon a new way of living.

Our program holds individuals in a safe environment to prepare residents for life outside of treatment. Working with the Clinical Case Manager to develop your aftercare plan is key to long term recovery. This may include study or work arrangements, budgeting, formulating a daily recovery plan, accommodation and living arrangements, living skills such as cooking and cleaning, attending support groups such as meditation or twelve step meetings, planning and booking ongoing care sessions with therapists and other therapeutic support networks. 

We are here to support you in making clear decisions about how you are going to look after yourself post-treatment which will significantly reduce your risk of relapse.

Our Long Term Program includes:

If you are interested in the Long Term Program please contact us now and our clinical team will respond to you within 24 hours or call our Clinical Director today on 0457 888 890.


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