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Recovery is an ongoing process that requires commitment beyond intensive residential treatment which is why Byron Private offers residents who have completed our Residential Program the option to continue on in our Transitional Aftercare Program. The Transitional Aftercare Program is a key component in living a successful life of recovery beyond the safety and support of intensive residential treatment program. It is the bridge which helps you keep hold of the things you’ve learned and gained as you embark upon a new way of living.

We are here to support you in making clear decisions about how you are going to look after yourself post-treatment which will significantly reduce your risk of relapse. We work closely with you in developing you action plan, deciding on what supports and bookings are necessary to alleviate struggles with indecisiveness and procrastination that might otherwise derail your recovery in the very early days and weeks post treatment.

Our Transitional Aftercare program includes:

• Optional 2 to 4 week stays at Byron Private Treatment Facility (Longer programs available on request)

• Development of Comprehensive Aftercare Plan one on one with Clinical Case Manager

• Weekly Individual Therapy Sessions

• Twice Weekly Group Therapy Sessions

• Psycho educational Groups

• Opportunity to attend outside events with the support of the clinical team

• Daily Holistic Training Sessions with Brieann Boal

• Nutritious and Wholesome Meals provided onsite by Byron Private’s Private Chef

• Access to Family Constellation Workshops with Maria Dolenc

• Peer support

• 12 Step Meetings where applicable

We understand that the transition from an intensive program back to previous living arrangements can be difficult and daunting and without proper supports individuals often find themselves back in old behaviours and patterns of addiction. Our program holds individuals in a safe, less restricted environment allowing a thorough integration of life skills to better prepare residents for life outside of treatment. Working with the Clinical Case Manager to develop and implement your post treatment plan is key to long term recovery and may Include study or work arrangements, budgeting, formulating and researching a daily recovery plan, accommodation and living arrangements, living skills such as cooking and cleaning, attending support groups in the local area such as meditation or twelve step meetings, planning and booking ongoing care sessions with therapists and other therapeutic support networks. 

If you are interested in the Transitional Aftercare Program please contact us now and our clinical team will respond to you within 24 hours or call our Clinical Director today on +61 457 888 890.

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