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For the Veterans
And the families who love them As we remember the veterans from the great world wars this Anzac Day, my thoughts are also with those who have served in more recent conflicts, provided aid to war-torn countries and the many who have been impacted by their service in other ways. Growing up as the daughter of an Army officer, my life was that of an army child. This meant we moved a lot and my father went away for long periods of time. I still have a photo of the night we learnt he would be going to Iran the...
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Divergent Principles
‘It’s the Principle of the Thing’ One of the hardest experiences for families to manage is when the principles of one of its members diverge from what the family considers to be their collective family principles. This can happen in subtle ways in any family on any day of the week, but it happens in very striking and gross ways when people are caught in an addiction or other mental health crisis. People do not behave at their best when they are drowning in their own struggle.  Principles fall by the wayside, usurped by the need to simply survive, the...
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