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Supporting Your Eating-disordered Loved One This Christmas
Feelings, not Food. Connection, not Control. Supporting Your Eating-disordered Loved One This Christmas: “A focus on the food misses the boat completely and locates the problem in the food, when in reality the problem is in the struggle to stay viably connected to others.” For families where what happens at the dinner table has come to whisper of whether their loved one will cope or collapse, live or die, meal times become horribly tense or conflictual encounters that everyone dreads. Eating a meal with your anorexic, bulimic or body dysmorphic child or partner is no walk in the park and...
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A Peace of Nourishment
Taking self-worth off the scales World Eating Disorder Action Day A Peace of Nourishment is the raw and revealing story of Kylie Van Der Veer, who has suffered with anorexia and binge eating disorder since she was 15. Part one of Kylie's brave, honest and informative series will screen on ABC's Compass program at 6.30pm this Sunday, June 2nd - World Eating Disorder Action Day. It's estimated that over 1 million Australians are currently living with an eating disorder.   With serious health issues threatening and nowhere left to hide, Kylie is compelled to start talking and finding answers not only...
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Facing Easter with an Eating Disorder
For many, Easter represents a time of connection with family and friends, enjoying a few too many Easter eggs and simply taking a break from our busy lives. For those however that are struggling with eating disorders it can be flavoured with intense fear and shame. I certainly was one of the latter, where every Easter I would end up in a vicious binge purge cycle that would take weeks sometimes months to come out of. No matter how much I tried to exert my willpower, set up a program of eating or tell myself I just wouldn’t, it would only...
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