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Renato on True Recovery and the Absence of Doing
Renato brings to his work at Byron Private over thirty years experience and a deep wisdom and grounding presence that stems from his love of transpersonal therapy and Buddhist psychology. He has a direct, dynamic and compassionate approach that is valued greatly by those who cross his path. Here are his thoughts on the limitations of traditional psychology and how we can move beyond just 'functioning' to touch our true nature. Q. What informs your work Renato? While I come from a traditional psychotherapeutic background with gestalt therapy and family therapy, I am focussing more and more on the transpersonal...
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International Women’s Day
As International Women's Day comes to a close it was refreshing to witness such direct, robust and gritty conversation on all things women. SBS penned an article on sexism in Australian politics, ABC interviewed six prominent women who spoke of their struggles with sexism in politics, the hospital system, the music industry and the sexist view of ambition as arrogance. Importantly further discussions were raised by Sydney Morning Herald on the lack of the female indigenous voice as the media pushed the discussion toward a more newsworthy topic of sexism in politics. At the Vancouver Peace Summit in 2009, the...
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Recovery as love, not a weapon against the self.
“I am not looking to change myself anymore. I am fine tuning my listening heart to the lost and wounded parts of me that got buried in shame. They’ve been calling me all along. I just couldn’t hear them. These wounds have seeped honey, waiting in darkness for the alchemy of tenderness and acceptance to occur. I am here now. I am here.” ~ Victoria M ~ Recently I did a session with a client of mine whose recovery journey I have had the privilege of witnessing over many years. My client Victoria (who has given her permission to be referenced...
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Why Women’s Health Week isn’t the key to your wellbeing: you are!
As I scrolled over the media surrounding Women’s Health Week in anticipation of adding to the discussion, I felt an unease wash over me and wondered how I was going to contribute when what I saw didn’t ignite within me any sort of inspiration. There was nothing ‘wrong’ with what I saw; images of happy and healthy women, contributions from wellbeing experts and a plethora of suggestions on how to reach optimum wellbeing, it was more about what I felt …which was less encouraged and more pressure to look outside rather than in for my best possible self. So…. instead...
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Am I an Alcoholic? – Defining a Drinking Problem
“Alcohol is the anaesthesia by which we endure the operation of life."  ~George Bernard Shaw ~ Those of us who love alcoholics do them a profound service if we can refrain from defining their problems for them and instead make a sincere effort to understand what is right about their alcohol use. Drinking is an adaptive behaviour. It came into being for the person as a solution to a problem and is serving a function for them…holding them together, making it bearable to live within their own skin, allowing them to keep going, providing relief of some sort. Unfortunately, it is...
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Embracing Discomfort Is Where The Recovery Gold Is
“This capacity leads us to the very heart of what makes recovery sustainable, and life worth living, because almost everything that human beings deeply crave lies on the other side of avoiding discomfort.” Very often, people come to treatment expecting to be fixed,…for all the struggle to just melt away and be replaced by an easy, comfortable life. Sounds great doesn’t it? Most human beings are partial to chasing this beautiful fantasy in some way, shape or form, particularly during times of struggle, but wouldn’t something incredibly vital be lost if we were ever granted such an instant miracle? Haven’t...
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Disease vs Moral Model of Addiction
Considerable research has been conducted attempting to explain the causes of addiction in particular the arguments for both the medical and moral models of explaining addiction. The clear difference between these models are the causes they attribute to drug and alcohol abuse and the role of free will. A critical review of the literature for and against addiction as a personal choice versus a disease model one concludes that discourses on addiction and applied treatment are often influenced by what is funding them. It excludes the complex interplay of the social and environmental history of the individual, their brain chemistry...
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