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Xmas in Treatment
Rehab could be considered to be the ultimate gift for everyone involved This week, a week out from Christmas, someone who is dear to me entered treatment, leaving a family behind to celebrate Christmas and usher in the New Year without him. When people point out the bravery of doing what would feel unconscionable for most at this time of year, my sense is that this man would not identify what he is doing as bravery at all, more likely, sheer desperation. Desperation can be the uncomfortable and unwelcome gift that allows us to become willing to do whatever it...
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Why my best Christmas was in Rehab
  It was five days out from Christmas and I was facing one of the most painful periods of my life. I had fallen into a deep depression, my relationship had suddenly ended, my eating disorder was out of control and the tyrant that lived inside my head unrelenting and more viscous than ever. So…with no family in Australia, nowhere to live, and a pain in my heart so great I thought it would explode I began to contemplate the thought of actually going into rehab over Christmas. As I look back, going into treatment was the only right step...
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Embracing Discomfort Is Where The Recovery Gold Is
“This capacity leads us to the very heart of what makes recovery sustainable, and life worth living, because almost everything that human beings deeply crave lies on the other side of avoiding discomfort.” Very often, people come to treatment expecting to be fixed,…for all the struggle to just melt away and be replaced by an easy, comfortable life. Sounds great doesn’t it? Most human beings are partial to chasing this beautiful fantasy in some way, shape or form, particularly during times of struggle, but wouldn’t something incredibly vital be lost if we were ever granted such an instant miracle? Haven’t...
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Byron Private Attends Parliamentary Inquiry
Byron Private recently made a written submission to the NSW parliamentary inquiry into the provision of drug rehabilitation services in regional, rural and remote NSW. We were privileged to then be invited as one of just two private operators in our area to personally meet with the committee members and discuss our view. From a regulatory perspective, it was noted that the addiction treatment industry is largely unregulated.  The parliamentary committee took the time to understand Byron Private’s comprehensive governance model, including the participation of highly qualified professionals, adoption of international best practices, and voluntary attainment of ISO accreditation.  It...
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Shame in the Addiction Process
Frequent connection is made between the role of shame in addiction, eating disorders and co-dependency. Maria’s article on shame and addiction highlights that when the cycle of addiction and self-loathing are acted out without awareness the cycle can never be changed. With overwhelming feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, or self-loathing individuals experiencing toxic shame are separated not only from others but also from themselves, unable to see through the persistent, debilitating and unconscious beliefs that only supports a spiral back into addiction and other maladaptive behaviours. Byron Private's Family Therapist and Constellation Facilitator Maria Dolenc highlights her experience and understanding of shame...
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