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If you or your loved one are struggling to break free of an addiction or mental health condition, Byron Private can provide you with the most effective pathway for restoring a stable and fulfilling life.  Our nurturing residential centre is set in the hills of Byron Bay.  We offer short term and long term programs ranging from 28 days to 6 months based on extensive international research and proven results that positively change people’s lives for the long term.

Capped at just 12 clients, Byron Private Treatment Centre offers clients high levels of individual care and support. We have a expert team of psychiatrists, psychologists, general practitioners, therapists and well-being professionals that specialise in restoring normality in challenging times.

Starting with medically supported detoxification if necessary, our therapists focus on understanding what is causing current behaviours, looking into past traumas, relationship problems, and neurological based issues.  

By understanding such causes, clients are empowered to learn new ways to deal with their challenges, instead of turning to destructive habits. The Byron Private therapeutic program is supported with holistic wellbeing including yoga, meditation, equine therapy, massage, fitness classes, acupuncture, morning walks on Byron’s beautiful beaches and delicious meals prepared by our own on-site chef.

Upon completion of the Byron Private 4-6 week program, we offer a longer term transitional program which we call our Transitional Aftercare Program. In this program, people can continue their therapy, practice new life skills, and reintegrate into regular day-to-day life, all under the management and support of the Byron Private team.

Many of our clients come to us when private hospitals and other programs have failed.  Please take the time to listen to our client testimonials and contact us

drug alcohol rehabilitation Residential Treatment Program
Residential Treatment Program
Trauma/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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Aftercare Support Program
Transitional Aftercare Program


Byron Private Drug Alcohol Rehabilitation Center is a life saving facility.  There was nothing in New Zealand that could offer us a therapy program for our daughter.  The only option was to put her on a regime of strong drugs while we waited for another episode. There is still work to do but we now have hope of a recovery.  She will return to Byron Private for workshops from time to time and is starting to see it as a safe place to do the hard work.  Byron Private is caring and treats the person not the disease, by treating the person, they reduce the disease. Patricia

Thank you to each and every one of you for all your professionalism, support and care. In your individual way you each helped me to start understanding myself after decades of neglect. Byron Private really is an incredible facility and something you are all no doubt proud of. Few people can honestly say that in their work they save lives, well you do. Look forward to catching up in the future. All the best in continuing your wonderful work. Byron Private Client, Male, Sydney.


Who is Rehab For?

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Disease vs Moral Model of Addiction

Considerable research has been conducted attempting to explain the causes of addiction in particular the arguments for both the medical and moral models of explaining addiction. The clear difference between these models are the causes they attribute to drug and...

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