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Byron Private. Evidence Based. Holistic Care. Recovery Focused. 

Experience a trusted and personalised approach for treatment of addiction and mental health, eating disorders and trauma. Be fully supported to make meaningful change in your life.

Set in the hinterland of Byron Bay, Byron Private is a holistic residential treatment facility providing specialised support for individuals suffering from mental health, addictions, PTSD, trauma and eating disorders. Experience for yourself why Byron Bay is such a powerful place of healing and rejuvenation.

Personalised Care

We take a caring and personalised approach, providing high levels of individual care and support. Our expert team of psychiatrist,  psychologists, medical practitioners, therapists, and wellbeing professionals look at the whole person, and identifying underlying drivers is an important part of that journey.

Our Programs

Byron Private is designed to be non clinical with only a small number of residents at any one time. Our residential program reflects our holistic approach in which you can expect, comprehensive medical and therapeutic care alongside a wellbeing program of meditation, yoga, nutrition and fitness.

Our Setting

Just ten minutes from Byron Bay’s pristine beaches, our purpose-built centre is nestled within the hills of the Byron hinterland. The atmosphere is welcoming and intimate, where you are treated with respect, consideration, and care. Our healing environment coupled with our dedicated team, ensures an experience like no other.

“This place is remarkable
and has really done so much good to not only help me in my time of need, but also help and create a path moving forward with confidence and tools to take on life’s challenges.”

Previous resident 

Byron Private. Evidence Based. Holistic Care. Recovery Focused.


  • What sets Byron Private’s holistic rehab apart?

    Aside from providing each guest with nurturing, wrap-around care, Byron Private’s holistic rehab centre delivers focused recovery within the natural healing environment of Byron Bay’s hinterland. In contrast to a traditional mental health rehab, your treatment journey at Byron Private is likened to that of a holistic mental health retreat whereby guests achieve their wellbeing goals by addressing the core pillars of emotion, biomedicine, nutrition, and movement.

    Our recovery programs tailor treatment to the needs of each guest and their families, offering a range of healing modalities including individual psychotherapyequine therapyfamily therapy and group therapy.

    Finally, when you book a stay with us, your investment covers everything, including:

    • Your accommodation
    • All your meals
    • Access to all available forms of therapy
    • Specialised workshops
    • Music
    • Art therapy
    • Yoga and meditation
    • Comprehensive GP and psychiatric consultations
    • Individual naturopathy sessions
    • Holistic training
    • Massages
    • Aftercare support and planning
    • Support for the guest’s family
  • What conditions do you offer treatment for?

    Our mental health rehab offers holistic healing retreats and treatments for a wide range of conditions, including:

  • How do I go about joining Byron Private Rehab's holistic rehabilitation program?
    • If you want to join our rehabilitation program, book a private consultation with our team so we can find out what kind of mental health retreat or combination of treatments is right for you or your loved one.

Byron Private

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