Equine Assisted Therapy

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Byron Private offers clients an opportunity to experience the truly grounding modality of equine assisted psychotherapy with Lisa Toman, our highly experienced equine therapist.

“I just find horses incredible beings, they really model for us being in touch with our authentic self”

Lisa Toman – Equine Therapist

This modality allows us to explore how we are in the world through the non-judgemental reflection of the horse. Horses have the ability to see what we are really feeling and thinking, even when we do not want to acknowledge this to others or ourselves. As we drop into our truth – how we really are in that moment, the horses will sense the change and meet us in that new place. This instantly confirms how present we are with them and gives us an opportunity to feel the difference within our own body as well as through the visual response of the horse.

The Process

This process invites us to see the patterns that we live in the world and how we relate with those around us without it being personal. It isn’t personal to the horse, because they don’t have agendas. They are simply responding to the energy of the moment, which offers us a chance to try something new if our current picture isn’t working. When we get clear about what we are asking of the horse and follow through with congruency – which is the alignment of our thoughts, feelings and actions, the horse trusts what we are asking of them and responds accordingly. As we join in an open partnership with the horse, we learn to consider their needs as well as our own, while respecting each other’s personal space.

Embodying this connectedness with the horse promotes change and personal growth. Because the process is experiential, it creates new neural pathways and a new frame through which we see and experience the world. This becomes a resource upon which we can draw from in future situations that are challenging. While this experiential change opens us to more connection, awareness and respect in our relationships, it also helps us tap into more vital energy and presence in our lives.

A horse’s heart is four times the size of a human heart, we only have to stand in their presence for twenty minutes and our heartbeat synchronises with theirs. When we take a moment and genuinely open our heart to these beings, it gives them an opportunity to receive us and offer their heart presence in return. This touches the soul in a deep and profound way. Clients who attend Byron Private’s residential program give consistent positive feedback on their experience with our equine assisted therapy program. When taking part in your equine assisted therapy session you will be escorted to our beautiful grounds in Byron Bay by your carer to work alongside the horses and your therapist, Lisa Toman to engage with and understand yourself on a deeper level through your relationship with the horse.

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