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Byron Private: A Trusted Partner for Health Practitioners


Connect with Our Dedicated Clinical Team

Referring practitioners can call Byron Private’s Clinical Team on 02 6684 4145 or contact can be made to the admission team at or by completing the online referral form.


Unwavering Dedication to Seamless Care

When you refer a patient to us, we provide an Admission Letter to referrer once the client is admitted, and a detailed, comprehensive Discharge Pack at the end of their stay. Our aftercare approach is tailor-made to empower our clients to sustain their recovery.

Making a decade of distiction

As we approach our 10th year of operation, Byron Private stands proud as one of Australia’s foremost residential treatment centres. Your trust and referrals have been invaluable, aiding us in guiding over 1,000 individuals on their path to recovery. We are delighted to acquaint you with our recent advancements.

Our Specialised Treatment Regimens
  • Mood, PTSD & Anxiety Disorders

    Techniques encompass CBT, CPT, ERP, EMDR, Emotional Regulation training, and Mindfulness Therapies.

  • Dependencies

    Tackling issues like AOD, gambling, sex, and gaming through Motivational interviewing, identifying core reasons, and relapse prevention.

  • Eating Disorders

    Offering weight restoration, meal support, CBT-E, MANTRA, and SSCM.

  • Burnout & Relationship Challenges

    Strategies for stress alleviation, sleep optimisation, exercise, and routine management.

  • Interpersonal & Family Dynamics

    Bespoke individual and weekend family programmes complemented by DBT skills enhancement.

The team

Introducing Our Dedicated Clinical Team

A photo of Dr Tessa Cookson the Clinical Director and Psychiatrist of Byron Private Rehab

Dr Tessa Cookson

Clinical Director / Psychiatrist B.Medicine M. BEth FRANZCP

A consultant Psychiatrist with particular expertise in mental health, eating disorders, and psychological trauma. Dr Cookson has a passion for individualised treatment and evidence-based therapy.

Anthony Solomon

General Practitioner MBBS, FRACGP, FARGP

Over fifteen years of experience to our centre. Dr Solomon has expertise in addiction and withdrawal medicine, acupuncture, and integrative medicine.

A photo of Jenny McGee the General Manager of Byron Private Rehab

Jenny McGee

General Manager / Clinical Psychologist

With over fifteen years of experience in psychology and therapy, Jenny is adept at addressing addiction, trauma, disordered eating, and a spectrum of mental health challenges.

A photo of Luke Mahon the Clinical Lead at Byron Private Rehab

Luke Mahon

Clinical Lead

A trained gestalt therapist with a holistic approach rooted in mindfulness and trauma-informed care. Luke has an extensive history working in addiction, trauma and couples/relationship therapy.

Our Multidisciplinary Therapy

Our Therapy Team comprises Psychologists, family therapists, and Equine and Gestalt therapists. Our Clinical Care Team, inclusive of Registered Nurses and seasoned support staff, ensures an all-encompassing care experience.

“My time at Byron Private was a truly transformational experience and a time that I will never forget. The level of care, beautiful facilities, treatment program and the incredible food were all exceptional and beyond expectation.”

Previous resident


Partner with Us for Holistic Care

Our programs are based on extensive international research and proven results that positively change people’s lives for the long term. Many of our clients come to us looking for an alternative to the clinical atmosphere of private hospitals or for a more holistic approach not offered in publicly funded facilities.