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Byron Private Treatment Centre strongly values the importance of family in the recovery process and believes that every individual in the family system plays an integral part in its functioning. We actively encourage and support your loved ones to participate in your healing journey at a level beneficial for both you and your family. We understand that addictions, eating disorders and mental illness are a systemic issue and that relationships are often complex. With care and respect we will work with you in understanding and healing the relationships within your family system.

About The Program

Our family therapy program emphasises the role of family in shedding barriers, shaping values and moving forward – together. For those completing a 28 to 42 day program, Byron Private will invite family members or loved ones to participate in family therapy with their loved one during their stay. At present this is offered via zoom and runs in the final weeks of the residents program. Family therapy gives family members an understanding of what they are experiencing emotionally, physically and psychologically and encourages the healing of interpersonal relationships.

Byron Private Family Therapist, Anne Lambert works compassionately and intuitively from a family systems therapy framework, guiding clients and families to better understand their role in the family system. Our family therapy incorporates psycho education, communication exercises and group discussions along with individual processes within the group that is tailored to each family’s needs

“The more that family members learn about their relationships with each other and develop the essential recovery tools and skills, the greater the chance of recovery for the whole family.”

Families facing alcoholism, addiction, eating disorders or mental health problems of any kind in a loved one tend to do best when they too are guided and supported through the crisis at hand. Participating in Byron Private’s Family Therapy Program, attending ongoing family therapy services or Al-anon family groups can bring untold healing and change to families and provide a significantly increased chance of the affected person becoming well. Families can learn how to effectively manage and navigate their way through the strong emotions, anxieties and impulses generated in them in response to their loved one’s choices and behaviour. They can learn how to be active participants and even leaders in the change process that must occur for the person they love to get well.

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