Byron Private

Meet the Team

A photo of Dr Tessa Cookson the Clinical Director and Psychiatrist of Byron Private Rehab

Dr Tessa Cookson

Clinical Director / Psychiatrist B.Medicine M. BEth FRANZCP

Leading the team at Byron Private is Dr Tessa Cookson, a registered Psychiatrist with extensive experience in the field of mental health, eating disorders and associated psychological trauma. Dr Cookson is passionate about supporting people in their recovery through an individualised approach, incorporating evidence based lifestyle intervention and therapy.

Dr Cookson brings to her role as Clinical Director expertise in diagnosing and treating a range of mental health conditions including anxiety disorders, mood disorders, psychotic illness and eating disorders through a warm and empathic approach.

Anthony Solomon

General Practitioner MBBS, FRACGP, FARGP

Anthony is the Principal GP of the North Coast Medical Centre. He graduated from UNSW in 1991 and completed post graduate training in Paediatrics and General Practice. Anthony is a Fellow of the RACGP and also Fellow of the rural arm of the RACGP. With 15 years in clinical practice Anthony’s special interests are addiction medicine, acupuncture, aboriginal health and integrative medicine.

He is also Co-Director of the Byron Integrative Medicine Conference. Anthony brings to Byron Private extensive experience in medicated detox and withdrawal from both alcohol and illicit substances and complements the integrative nature of the Byron Private Treatment Centre Program.

A photo of Jenny McGee the General Manager of Byron Private Rehab

Jenny McGee

General Manager / Clinical Psychologist

Jenny has been working as a psychologist and counsellor/therapist in private practice and residential treatment programs for over fifteen years. Her clinical experience encompasses a variety of settings including residential programs for drug and alcohol, mental health and wellbeing issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD and disordered eating. Jenny has also consulted within public and NGO settings as an organisational consultant supporting harmony and meaningful change processes within teams and individual staff. Jenny integrative and eclectic theoretical approach works with people to understand the underlying factors contributing to mental health issues and develop a practical yet compassionate path towards sustainable wellbeing. Jenny draws upon the compassionate focused, systemic, cognitive-behavioural, psychodynamic and process orientated approaches and is a skilled group facilitator.

Specialising in addiction and trauma, Jenny was the Clinical Manager for The Buttery Private Wellbeing Program and a psychologist/counsellor within The Buttery Therapeutic Community Program for over 12 years.

A photo of Luke Mahon the Clinical Lead at Byron Private Rehab

Luke Mahon

Clinical Lead

Luke is a trained gestalt therapist who embodies a holistic approach to his work. He draws on studies as a Somatic Psychotherapist and mindfulness practices to adopt a trauma informed approach to his work.

Luke’s experience is a result of work in private practice and residential treatment centres. Through engagement with some of Australia’s leading treatment centres he has come to specialise in group work and treatment approaches for addiction, depression, anxiety and trauma. With a particular focus on trauma informed care, Luke has engaged in trauma treatment programs and trauma focused modalities to target one of the primary drivers for addiction and mental health presentations. Through an integrative, person centred approach he endeavours to facilitate connection, awareness and healthy emotional relationships for residents, and in turn those around them.

Shane Sutton - Primary Terapist/Psychologist

Shane Sutton

Primary Therapist / Psychologist

Primary Therapist / Psychologist

Benny Green - Primary Therapist / Social Worker

Benny Green

Primary Therapist / Social Worker

Primary Therapist / Social Worker

A photo of Anne Lambert, Family Therapist/ Primary Therapist at Byron Private Rehab

Anne Lambert

Family Therapist / Primary Therapist Ba S&Hc

Anne is an experienced psychotherapist with a demonstrated history of working in mental health care. Skilled in Addiction, Trauma, Mindfulness and Family Therapy, Anne brings over 20 years of experience to her work with clients at Byron Private.

Drawing on a number of classic therapeutic approaches, Anne incorporate simple yet powerful processes that enable individuals to access their creativity and work through their issues. Anne draws on her years of experience working in in addiction as both primary psychotherapist and family therapist.

Lisa Toman

Psychotherapist / Equine MaGest

Lisa is a qualified Gestalt Therapist, Equine Assisted Psychotherapist, and Art Therapist with specialised trauma training. Lisa has worked as a counsellor and group facilitator for INTRA, an Outreach program for the Buttery Drug and Alcohol facility. With years of experience as an Equine Psychotherapist Lisa has witnessed the profound impact this work can have on clients struggling with Addiction, Attachment Issues, Trauma and Mental health.

The relationship between the horses, the therapist and the client facilitates a deeper understanding of the self and other, out dated patterns, inner strengths and resources and provides an opportunity to experiment with new ways of being. Equine therapy supports experiences where clients begin to feel safer, more enlivened and at home in both themselves and life. From this place choice, change and growth are possible. Lisa brings her unique approach that incorporates the healing benefits of nature, art and horses for a rich and creative therapeutic experience. Byron Private’s equine therapy program is offered as an additional therapy as part of our integrated approach.

A photo Jim Donald the Lead Care Staff of Byron Private Rehab

Jim Donald

Lead Care Staff

Kristyn Dobson


Kristyn has a Bachelor of Naturopathy and graduated in 2005 from Southern Cross University. With 16 years experience she has studied and practiced widely across natural and traditional therapies, and has gained experience alongside some of Australia’s leading natural health experts along the way.

Kristyn ensures every client at Byron Private has a thorough holistic assessment of their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and provides support using well researched herbs, supplements, lifestyle, dietary advice, counselling and stress management.

Kristyn’s expertise lies in treating addiction, mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and disordered eating. She Is most passionate about holding space to allow clients to feel comfortable to share, allowing healing to take place.

Kim Meighan

Clinical Care Coordinator RN

Kim is a registered nurse with over 17 year’s experience across a broad range of roles in the health care sector worldwide. Kim brings to her role as Clinical Care Coordinator extensive experience and highly specialised knowledge that supports the delivery of the best possible care for clients from the pre admission process to completion of the program at Byron Private.

Kim’s specialised as an emergency nurse before gaining experience and knowledge in the field of alcohol and other drugs. Kim’s past roles in the rehabilitation sector saw her working as a clinical nurse consultant, delivering counselling, hospital liaison, withdrawal management, clinical care and opiate pharmacotherapy services.

Kim is both a yoga teacher and personal trainer with a love for travel that has seen her live across various countries worldwide. Kim’s varied and lengthy nursing experience, life journey and clinical skills ensures clients at Byron Private have superior levels of care and support throughout their stay.

Ilke Sharratt

Business Operations Lead

At Byron Private, Ilke is responsible for the administrative operations of the centre and works closely with professional resources to ensure the systems in place support our staff and residents. Ilke comes from an extensive professional background in management consultancy, investment banking, and wealth management services, working in London and Sydney.

Ilke brings to her role as Program Coordinator over 20 years experience working in both the private and public sector and a wealth of experience in both management and operations administration. With this experience Ilke has developed a deep appreciate for the importance of quality administration and operating systems and the effects it has on the day-to-day business and productivity.