Individual Psychotherapy

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Although Byron Private Treatment Centre acknowledges the benefits of working in a group setting, the clinical team is also mindful of the importance of regular individual therapy sessions. With the support of your therapist, one on one therapy allows you to explore deeper emotional conflict in a safe and supportive environment.

Together, you and your therapist will develop goals that you would like to achieve whilst you are with us, and develop strategies to facilitate long-lasting change.

Some of the areas you will explore with your therapist are:

  • Identify and explore issues driving destructive behaviour
  • Identify past traumas
  • Explore mind-body-soul connection
  • Focus on self-awareness
  • Focus on self- acceptance
  • Discuss impacts of past behaviour on relationships and other areas of life
  • Accept responsibility for past actions
  • Reveal inner strength and a sense of connection to yourself and those around you.
  • Learn tools to master behaviour and achieve healthy interpersonal relationships
  • Slowly work through psychological trauma and establish a sense of safety and predictability.
  • Focus on future directions and possibilities; set long-term goals
  • Feel capable to overcome future obstacles and continue recovery momentum
  • Look ahead with hope, optimism, and empowerment with which to transcend destructive cycles of behaviour and restore healthy interpersonal relationships

The Byron Private philosophy is about providing the right environment and support to facilitate change in the lives of others, with that in mind if you feel you would like to continue therapy with your therapist after leaving the program we encourage and support an ongoing therapeutic relationship long into the future.

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