Eating Disorder Treatment

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Do you assess your self worth in terms of a number on a scale, your body shape or what you eat?

The term disordered eating is used to describe a set of behaviours, feelings and thoughts centred on eating, body image and weight that impact negatively on aspects of a person’s life and those around them. Those suffering from disordered eating will often engage in immoderate, compulsive behaviours that include but are not limited to: under eating and restricting food, habitual dieting and detoxing, over and compulsive eating, purging, laxative missmanagement and excessive exercising.

Are you concerned about your behaviours with food and weight?

There is a common misunderstanding that eating disorders and other eating issues are about food, body weight, moderation or just learning to eat well – here at Byron Private Treatment Centre we understand that the issue runs much deeper than simply food or weight. We recognise disordered eating is a complex and serious issue, often the symptom of a deeper psychological struggle or trauma and serves as a coping mechanism for painful thoughts and feelings. We work at Byron Private to help you to find out what it is that you are really hungry for!

The signs and symptoms of Disordered Eating

  • Obsession with dieting or detoxing
  • Episodes of bingeing on high caloric foods
  • Repetitive or ritualistic behaviours surrounding food preparation and eating
  • Under eating or over eating
  • Only eating at prescribed times, not when you are hungry
  • Not recognising signs of hunger
  • Avoiding meal times
  • Weighing yourself constantly
  • Extreme fear of gaining weight
  • Vomiting after eating
  • Abusing laxatives
  • Exercising Compulsively
  • Black and white thinking in regards to foods and eating
  • Compulsive thinking about body, weight and food
  • Isolating to hide behaviours around food
  • Negative perceptions of self and body
  • Lack of or irregular menstrual cycles in women

We Can Help

At Byron Private we approach treatment to eating issues holistically, our qualified team of specialised practitioners will develop a treatment plan that will support you in achieving your treatment goals.

As part of the treatment program at Byron Private all eating disorder admissions will have weekly reviews with Dr Tessa Cookson, Byron Privates clinical director and psychiatrist. As needed we will conduct weekly ECG’s, pathology and observations to ensure you are fully supported during your treatment at Byron Private. Our clinical and care team are all trained in evidence based modalities and have specialist eating disorder training relevant to their roles.

By integrating a range of therapies including; Individual Psychotherapy, Group Therapy, Equine Assisted Therapy, Mindful Eating Practices, Meal support, Meditation, Nutritional and Naturopathic Support, Massage, Yoga, Holistic Training and Whole food Nutrition based on the Mediterranean Diet.

With the help of our eating disorder therapists, we will help you to work through and make sense of your behaviours and thoughts surrounding food and weight to find a way of life that is connected and unrestricted.

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Byron Private offers an effective pathway to recovery for those living with eating disorder and other common challenges such as addictions and mental health. If you or someone you love is struggling, please reach out to our clinical team for a confidential discussion on 02 6684 4145 or via our online contact form.

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