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A Peace of Nourishment
Taking self-worth off the scales World Eating Disorder Action Day A Peace of Nourishment is the raw and revealing story of Kylie Van Der Veer, who has suffered with anorexia and binge eating disorder since she was 15. Part one of Kylie's brave, honest and informative series will screen on ABC's Compass program at 6.30pm this Sunday, June 2nd - World Eating Disorder Action Day. It's estimated that over 1 million Australians are currently living with an eating disorder.   With serious health issues threatening and nowhere left to hide, Kylie is compelled to start talking and finding answers not only...
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Family Constellation Training Byron Bay
– Maria Dolenc 2019 "When I lived in South Africa, someone told me what the longest road in Africa is. It's not the road from Cairo to Capetown, it's the way from your head to your heart, and from there to the here and now"Bert Hellinger Taking part in Family Systemic Constellation workshops and training with Maria Dolenc over the past 13 years has been the catalyst for deep growth, connection and love, beyond what I thought was possible. Often I was blinded by my own story or fears and I would project that onto my relationships, bringing the complete...
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Why Women’s Health Week isn’t the key to your wellbeing: you are!
As I scrolled over the media surrounding Women’s Health Week in anticipation of adding to the discussion, I felt an unease wash over me and wondered how I was going to contribute when what I saw didn’t ignite within me any sort of inspiration. There was nothing ‘wrong’ with what I saw; images of happy and healthy women, contributions from wellbeing experts and a plethora of suggestions on how to reach optimum wellbeing, it was more about what I felt …which was less encouraged and more pressure to look outside rather than in for my best possible self. So…. instead...
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Am I an Alcoholic? – Defining a Drinking Problem
“Alcohol is the anaesthesia by which we endure the operation of life."  ~George Bernard Shaw ~ Those of us who love alcoholics do them a profound service if we can refrain from defining their problems for them and instead make a sincere effort to understand what is right about their alcohol use. Drinking is an adaptive behaviour. It came into being for the person as a solution to a problem and is serving a function for them…holding them together, making it bearable to live within their own skin, allowing them to keep going, providing relief of some sort. Unfortunately, it is...
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Byron Writers Fest 2018: Why “having it all” must include mental wellbeing
I have always wanted to attend The Byron Writers Festival (BWF) but had somewhere along the line made up a story that it was for the special group of book writing people and thoughtful intellects who could debate about politics and current affairs at length. However, when I saw a focus on mental health and the lives surrounding the authors I decided it was time to put aside my preconceptions and see what it was all about….and I’m so glad I did. What I learnt, very quickly, was that all of these incredible writers had one thing in common, their...
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Price vs Cost
As someone who is passionate about organic food I often hear people say “but it is so expensive” and yes it does cost more, at the point of sale perhaps but what about the costs we don’t account for at the checkout when we purchase cheaper produce? There is a set of fundamental laws that govern the physical world that are operating at every level and at every scale. I believe that any product we produce has a fixed ‘cost’ as per these universal laws.  In this sense there is no such thing as cheap anything, but the illusion of ‘cheap’ is created at the...
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Organic Food and Planetary Health
What we eat and how it is produced has an incredible impact on our health and also the environment. The way in which we consume and produce all food but particularly meat, dairy and eggs is costing us our health, the environment and impacting animal welfare through destruction of habitat, deforestation, water pollution, diet related disease and intolerable animal cruelty. Brad's article on Organic Food and Planetary Health highlights that we can be a part of the solution through a shift in consciousness toward a more sustainable and natural way of eating and producing food. ORGANIC FOOD AND PLANETARY HEALTH Food is medicine. This statement...
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