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For the Families who Love Someone Struggling with Addiction, Mental Health, and PTSD
What the family need to know There are few things more distressing than watching someone you love head down a seemingly self-destructive path. Families and friends of those caught in the cycle of destructive behaviours often struggle to make sense of and cope with the crisis faced by their loved one, and find themselves at a loss in terms of knowing how to help. Just as the person suffering impacts their family, the family and others impacts them too. In this sense, the family’s power to support and invite change in their love one is often underestimated and misunderstood. More...
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What to Do When You Love Someone With PTSD
Learning how to support someone with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a journey of its own that can involve a steep learning curve and some personal growth. It’s important to remember that recovery from PTSD is possible, and people can go on to live meaningful and purposeful lives. In this article we explore five things that can be helpful to work on if you love one of the brave souls trying to find their way through this difficult condition. 1. Refrain from saying “That’s in the past” or, “You just need to move on” Well-meaning family say things that are often problematic in...
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Recovery for Veterans
The transition out of military service to civilian life can be an incredibly challenging experience for many service members. One such challenge is unmet mental health needs, particularly post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Veterans are people who have made immense emotional, psychological, and physical sacrifices in service of their country, but they often rarely see it that way. In the aftermath of those sacrifices, the reality for many is a permanent sense of unsafety, hyper vigilance and a painful internal reality that can feel inescapable. The suicide rates amongst veterans speak very clearly to this reality and the experience that...
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