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Australian Drug and Alcohol Rehab, Trauma Treatment and Mental Health Services during COVID-19
Can I still access services? During COVID-19 it is more important than ever for people living with alcohol and drug addiction, trauma and mental health to have avenues to seek help but many are left wondering if Byron Private and rehab in Australia in general is still an open during COVID-19.  Although the COVID-19 pandemic has forced most of the country into isolation and international travel to a standstill, a number of rehab centres in Australia are still open, including Byron Private Treatment Centre. While some rehabs in Australia and many overseas have temporarily shut their door or ceased new...
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Recovery as love, not a weapon against the self.
“I am not looking to change myself anymore. I am fine tuning my listening heart to the lost and wounded parts of me that got buried in shame. They’ve been calling me all along. I just couldn’t hear them. These wounds have seeped honey, waiting in darkness for the alchemy of tenderness and acceptance to occur. I am here now. I am here.” ~ Victoria M ~ Recently I did a session with a client of mine whose recovery journey I have had the privilege of witnessing over many years. My client Victoria (who has given her permission to be referenced...
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