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Shame in the Addiction Process
Renowned facilitator, therapist and trainer, Maria Dolenc highlights her experience and understanding of shame in the addiction process. Frequent connection is made between the role of shame in addiction, eating disorders and codependency. When the cycle of addiction and self-loathing are acted out without awareness the cycle can not be changed. With overwhelming feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, or self-loathing individuals experiencing toxic shame are separated not only from others but also from themselves, unable to see through the persistent, debilitating and unconscious beliefs, supporting a spiral back into addiction and other maladaptive behaviours. This article comes from my perceptions over the many years of...
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My drinking is problematic – what do I do?
Alcohol consumption is so embedded in our culture, that just being born in Australia means you are twice as likely to exceed the recommended daily drinking guidelines than those who live overseas. While for some alcohol use is casual and little cause for concern, a large portion of us, have a less than ideal relationship with it.  So common is the overwhelming feeling of being physically fragile coupled with a sense of anxiety and guilt following a night of drinking, that we have even coined a term for it: ‘hangxiety’. While alcohol is still Australia’s most popular drug, and one...
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Am I an Alcoholic?
For many of us, the way in which this question is posed may result in a less than honest look at our drinking. When assessing ourselves against the term ‘alcoholic’ and what we believe it entails, it’s much easier to determine our patterns as normal, and brush over the impact drinking is having on our lives. The term alcoholic and whether we define ourselves as such is steeped in so much stigma and shame that we often stop short of a honest reflection of our relationship to alcohol. What if we were to reflect on our drinking in a different...
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Rehab – What are my options?
Navigating the world of trauma, addiction and mental health treatment can be both daunting and overwhelming, especially at the most vulnerable time in one’s life. The aim of this piece is to break down in as simple form possible the options for those seeking inpatient treatment. At Byron Private we are passionate about helping others with the programs we offer, however we are not going to be the right fit for everyone and referring to alternative programs is a big part of what we do. When looking for residential treatment there are a few pathways that I recommend people consider...
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Who is Rehab For?
What kind of people go to into treatment? Stereotypes might spring to mind of the chronic alcoholic, hotel-trashing musician, or the disgraced footballer; all bound by a common assumption that such people lack self-control or moral values, people who are somehow different from or far worse than us. So pervasive are the misconceptions about what rehab is and who it’s for, that many people who would benefit enormously from treatment will never entertain the idea. Some may feel they do not qualify or that their problems ’aren’t bad enough’. Many people talk themselves out of the incredible support available to them...
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Recovery for Veterans
The transition out of military service to civilian life can be an incredibly challenging experience for many service members. One such challenge is unmet mental health needs, particularly post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Veterans are people who have made immense emotional, psychological, and physical sacrifices in service of their country, but they often rarely see it that way. In the aftermath of those sacrifices, the reality for many is a permanent sense of unsafety, hyper vigilance and a painful internal reality that can feel inescapable. The suicide rates amongst veterans speak very clearly to this reality and the experience that...
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