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42 Day Residential Treatment Program

Byron Private Treatment Centre offers an integrated residential treatment program. Our clinical team at Byron Private believes a residential rehabilitation program allows for adequate time to detox and physically address the underlying issues that are contributing to your life struggles. We address each individual’s needs when developing your treatment plan and understand that each client is unique with their own story to tell. Our specialised program will help you address your issues holistically while developing the strategies and skills needed to regulate your emotions and behaviours particularly when confronted with difficult situations or challenging environments.

Our residential treatment program includes a thorough initial assessment to best understand your treatment goals; the clinical team will then work together with you to establish a treatment plan that best suits your needs and strengths. Your structured treatment program will reflect our holistic approach by integrating a range of therapeutic modalities including:

Byron Private Treatment Centre is an intimate Therapeutic Community that provides a space for connection and interaction with others to support the healing process. However we equally value the need for personal space away from others in the community and have weaved throughout the program time for integration and reflection.

To find out what a typical day in residential drug treatment is like please click here. If you are interested in discussing our Intensive Residential Program please contact us now via our website or contact our Clinical Director today on +61 457 888 890.

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