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Organic Food and Planetary Health

Kylie Beattie | Thursday, May 12th, 2016

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What we eat and how it is produced has an incredible impact on our health and also the environment. The way in which we consume and produce all food but particularly meat, dairy and eggs is costing us our health, the environment and impacting animal welfare through destruction of habitat, deforestation, water pollution, diet related disease and intolerable animal cruelty. Brad's article on Organic Food and Planetary Health highlights that we can be a part of the solution through a shift in consciousness toward a more sustainable and natural way of eating and producing food.


Food is medicine. This statement is often seen as somewhat “radical” to the mainstream. It is not a new idea, but knowledge we have forgotten very recently in human history.

The indigenous tribes, the humans who have been part of long lived successful communities lived with this knowledge for thousands of years prior to what scientists and historians are now calling “the great forgetting”. The great forgetting can be categorised as the time in history when we as a species started to see ourselves as separate from nature. We developed agricultural systems based on dominance and control. This new paradigm promised a lot, but was unproven and untested, unlike the ‘part of nature’ philosophy which had been practised by indigenous cultures all over the planet.

Organic gardening is part of the ‘remembering’ the reconnection of life itself. It is a tiny step back towards human health and therefor planetary health. The title of this really could read “Poisoned food and planetary disease” but that of course is the old story, as we wake up from our big sleep and the great forgetting.

“This new way of living was forced on nature not in tune with it”

About Brad

Brad is extremely passionate about sustainable living and self sufficiency stemming from his upbringing that was centred on living sustainably; growing food and swapping livestock or fish caught at the local beach with neighbouring properties. His focus on local organic produce and the healing potential of food inspires his thirst for knowledge and commitment to understanding how to apply these concepts in his work. Brad brings his extensive knowledge, passion and unique outlook to his role as Byron Private's Head Chef; inspiring residents at Byron Private to find a deeper connection between healing and nutrition.

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