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Price vs Cost

Kylie Beattie | Thursday, August 18th, 2016

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As someone who is passionate about organic food I often hear people say “but it is so expensive” and yes it does cost more, at the point of sale perhaps but what about the costs we don’t account for at the checkout when we purchase cheaper produce?

There is a set of fundamental laws that govern the physical world that are operating at every level and at every scale. I believe that any product we produce has a fixed ‘cost’ as per these universal laws.  In this sense there is no such thing as cheap anything, but the illusion of ‘cheap’ is created at the checkout.  If you are not paying the full fixed cost of a product, then the additional costs must be offset elsewhere.  These costs are often offset and paid for by the environment, wildlife, the workforce, society, governments (through subsidies) and our health.

When we buy organic produce from ethical businesses we pay the true cost of producing the products.

What should be also factored into the cost of products is the full cost over the full life line of the product.  If a product can’t be returned to the earth or repurposed in some useful way then this represents a significant cost to the planet, and should therefore be represented in the purchase price of the item.  Many companies and corporations make huge profits while the products they produce pollute and toxify our water and soil after they are thrown away.

So, how much does ‘cheap’ conventional food ‘cost’?

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About Brad

Brad is extremely passionate about sustainable living and self sufficiency stemming from his upbringing that was centred on living sustainably; growing food and swapping livestock or fish caught at the local beach with neighbouring properties. His focus on local organic produce and the healing potential of food inspires his thirst for knowledge and commitment to understanding how to apply these concepts in his work. Brad brings his extensive knowledge, passion and unique outlook to his role as Byron Private's Head Chef; inspiring residents at Byron Private to find a deeper connection between healing and nutrition.

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