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Residential Treatment Program

Byron Private Treatment Centre offers a therapeutic residential treatment program with high levels of individual care and support. Our programs are for anyone suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction, eating disorders or mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder. Our programs are based on extensive international research and proven results that positively change people’s lives for the long term. Many of our clients come to us looking for an alternative to the clinical atmosphere of private hospitals or for a more holistic approach not offered in publicly funded facilities. 

Byron Private Treatment Centre offers both short and longer term programs dependent on clients needs and circumstances.

At Byron Private Treatment Centre we explore your history and individual needs through an initial assessment respecting that each client is unique with their own story to tell. The clinical team will work together to ensure individual needs are addressed and right supports are put in place throughout your stay. Our programs will help you address your issues holistically while developing the strategies and skills needed to regulate emotions and behaviours.

The structured residential program will reflect our holistic approach by integrating a range of therapeutic modalities including:

Byron Private Treatment Centre is an intimate therapeutic community that provides a space for connection and interaction with others to support the healing process. However we equally value the need for personal space away from others in the community and have weaved throughout the program time for integration and reflection.

To find out what a typical day in treatment is like please click here. If you are interested in discussing our programs, please contact us now via the website and our clinical team will respond to you within 24 hours or call our Clinical team today on  0457 888 890.

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