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Eating Disorder Program

At Byron Private we approach the treatment of eating disorders holistically and understand that simply addressing the difficulties associated with food and eating is not enough, an integrated holistic approach is needed that looks at and values all parts of the individual and their environment. We have drawn together a highly qualified team of practitioners that come with an in depth understanding and experience in the treatment of eating disorders.

Our Eating Disorder Treatment Team

Jodie Gale – Disordered Eating Program Consultant

Our Eating Disorder Program Consultant, Jodie Gale is a leading specialist in women’s emotional, psychological and spiritual health and well-being with nearly 15 years of experience counselling women from diverse backgrounds, ages, races and cultures.  Jodie works regularly with women who have participated in programs for addiction, anxiety, co-dependency, depression and disordered eating. Jodie’s previous experience includes 3 months at Riverglen Mental Health Unit, and extensive volunteering at the Eating Disorder Foundation of NSW (now The Butterfly Foundation) and psychotherapy and psychiatry field education in the Eating Disorder and Feeding Unit at one of the world’s leading hospitals; Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

Working alongside the treatment team at Byron Private Jodie helps develop a holistic individual program that best responds to the individual’s unique strengths, goals and needs. Jodie’s experience and wisdom in the treatment of eating disorders guides the treatment process right through from initial assessment to program implementation and subsequent aftercare planning and support.

Maria Dolenc – Family Therapist / Constellation Facilitator

Family therapist and constellation facilitator, Maria Dolenc brings to her role at Byron Private over 20 years experience in the counselling field, treating a diverse range of clients struggling with addictions, eating disorders and mental health issues.  From years of experience in the field Maria understands that to just focus on the individuals disordered eating behaviours is not enough, it is paramount that therapists look beyond and into the family system for healing to truly begin. Maria takes clients at Byron Private on a journey into family dynamics to explore and understand how the most important past and present systemic events have played a role in the eating disorder.

Eating disorders are complex systemic entanglements that need careful consideration and attendance. From many years facilitating constellation workshops Maria has observed that eating disorders are often related to an IROM (Interrupted Reaching Out Movement) in child hood. Maria believes that each client needs to be taken seriously and treated individually; there is no one solution for all clients, each individual is unique and may have different entanglements. What is important when working with eating disorders like any other addiction is that we don’t have one script for all and that we provide the space needed for individuals to explore their family system.

Lisa Toman- Equine Assisted Therapist / Group Facilitator

Equine assisted therapy, is an extremely valuable, restorative and therapeutic component of the eating disorder program at Nungkari; offering individuals an experience that is deeply insightful, nurturing and relaxing. Working alongside Byron Privates team of psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors Lisa draws on her extensive training and experience to support clients in discovering their innate courage, self acceptance, intuition and confidence while working closely with the horses.

Lisa works with clients on a physical, mental and emotional level, addressing the entire body structure, physiology, mind and spirit. This provides clients with a supportive and safe space to release the stress and trauma associated with eating disorders.

Sue Daly – Naturopath / Nutritionist

Sue has over 16 years experience in the field of nutrition and naturopathy and understands the sensitive and complex nature of eating disorders. Sue works with great care and compassion and understands the negative impact a nutritionist can have on those struggling with eating disorders when there is a sole focus on body and food. By applying her vast knowledge and experience in a thoughtful and conscious manner Sue helps to bring the body back into balance, regulate brain chemistry, balance blood sugar, improve digestion, regulate hormones and identify allergies. Through a non diet approach Sue will apply her wisdom and years of experience to create an individual plan in conjunction with the treating team at Byron Private that best supports the person suffering from disordered eating issues and provide a strong foundation for a healthy and solid recovery.

Brieann Boal – Yoga, Holistic Trainer and Mindfullness Teacher

Brieann is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor who has a passion for integrative training. Brieann combines the best of yoga, traditional fitness, personal training and mindfullness in her group sessions with the clients at Nungkari. With over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, Brieann holds a degree in Creative Industries (majoring in Journalism) as well as certifications in Thai Massage, Lomi Lomi Massage and Reiki. Brieann is also the founder and co-creator of Wabi-Sabi Well in Byron Bay.

Brieann’s approach at Byron Private is wholehearted and compassionate and based on a deep understanding that our power is ultimately derived from our pain. Working with clients at Byron Private to consciously and proactively rework the darkness into the light, Brieann will guide you in literally churning the broken pieces into gold. By drawing on her own journey of recovery from an eating disorder Brieann supports clients to find acceptance, a new mindset and self love. Throughout your time at Byron Private Brieann works to guide and remind you that the pieces you once thought were damaged are actually wellsprings of beauty.

Byron Private’s Eating Disorder Program

Your care is of great importance to us therefore clients must complete a thorough initial assessment to ensure suitability for our program. Our voluntary program includes specialised groups and workshops designed specifically to address the difficulties associated with disordered eating along with a range of therapies from both the medical and alternative health care models. The structured eating disorder treatment center reflects our holistic approach by integrating a range of therapeutic modalities including;

If you are suffering from an eating disorder or disordered eating issues surrounding food, weight or body image and yearn to look at your difficulties in a held, safe and secure space then contact Byron Private Treatment Centre about our intensive residential program. Our experienced and highly qualified multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, therapists and alternative health care workers can support you to make peace with your body, mind and plate. You may also like to speak directly to the Clinical Director on 0457 888 890.

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