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Eating Disorder Program

At Byron Private we approach the treatment of eating disorders holistically and understand that simply addressing the difficulties associated with food and eating is not enough, an integrated holistic approach is needed that looks at and values all parts of the individual and their environment. We have drawn together a highly qualified team of practitioners that are focused on supported the healthy self and healing the eating disorder self.

We incorporate our person centred approach with foundations of systemic therapy to bring about shifts in behaviours, thoughts and relationship. Eating disorders according to Maria Dolenc, Byron Privates Constellation facilitator are complex systemic entanglements that need careful consideration and attendance. We believe at Byron Private that each client needs to be taken seriously and treated individually; there is no one solution for all clients, each individual is unique and may have different entanglements.

Features of Byron Privates Eating Disorder Program

  • Ongoing Medical and Psychiatric Management –Our GP and Psychiatrist are there to manage your medical treatment and care, working alongside our practitioners to ensure an integrated, holistic approach. Weekly Psychiatric and Medical appointments may be needed dependant on health at admission and results from pathology, this is all included in your treatment plan
  • High levels of Individual Therapy and Individual Support: Outside of the Individual therapy sessions, our Primary Therapist is there on hand three days per week alongside our Eating Disorder Support worker three days a week to ensure you have enough support when navigating difficult ground.
  • Equine Assisted Therapy: Our equine therapist works with clients on a physical, mental and emotional level, addressing the entire body structure, physiology, mind and spirit. This work provides clients with a supportive and safe space to release the stress and trauma associated with eating disorders.
  • Family Program: Families facing eating disorders tend to do best when they are guided and supported through the crisis at hand. Our family program incorporates psycho education, communication exercises and group discussions along with individual processes within the group to ensure the whole system not just the individual is supported
  • Meal support: Residents are supported by a combination of Clinical and Care staff at Lunch and Dinner and post meals as required
  • Nutritional and Naturopathic Management: Its important for residents with restricting or over eating patters to work collaboratively to set an eating plan so that the deeper work can be done. This will involve a session with our eating disorder nutritionist in the first three days of admission. Naturopathic sessions and follow up appointments will be incorporated into your treatment plan to ensure all aspects of your health are attended too. Your agreed eating plan will be reviewed with your Case Manager weekly
  • Disordered Eating Specific Groups: We offer a range of workshops such as food and mood in which the relationship between what we eat and our emotions can be explored. Our mindfulness and meditation group supports the integration of this learning alongside a weekly therapy group where specific challenges related to the recovery journey can be expressed..
  • Supportive Tasks and Contracts: These may be set up in collaboration with the client, client’s therapist and case manager during their time at Byron Private to support the resident to work through and build awareness around old patterns of relating that are working against real recovery and connection.
  • Yoga and Fitness Program: We understand and appreciate that exercise is an important path to well being and supportive in the eating disorder recovery journey. We support clients to take part in our exercise program provided sufficient calories have been taken in and approval has been granted by our medical team.

Weight and BMI Admission Policy

Byron Private’s approach to eating disorders is to support the healthy part of the individual through a range of therapeutic and alternative therapies and a balanced lifestyle.  Our Centre is not a hospital based “feeding centre” or focused on food and weight, however, if you enter the program with a low BMI our GP may set guidelines around further weight loss.  Management of those with low BMI may include weekly weighing by our GP. If the residents weight falls while in treatment below levels deemed safe by our GP it can inhibit the ability to cognitively and physically take part in our program at Byron Private.

What to do now:

If you or your loved one is suffering from an eating disorder or disordered issues surrounding food, weight or body image and yearn to look at the difficulties in a held, safe and secure space then contact Byron Private Treatment Centre about our intensive residential program. Our experienced and highly qualified multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, therapists and alternative health care workers will support clients to make peace with your body, mind and plate. You may also like to speak directly to the Clinical Director on 0457 888 890.

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