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Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating Disorder Treatment

At Byron Private we approach the treatment of eating disorders holistically and understand that simply addressing the difficulties associated with food and eating is not enough, an integrated holistic approach is needed that looks at - and values - all parts of the individual and their environment.

We believe at Byron Private that each client needs to be taken seriously and treated individually; there is no one solution for all clients, each individual is unique and may have different entanglements and support needs.

For this reason we spend the first few days of your stay focused on setting up a treatment plan that will support your goals. For some this may mean practical support such as setting up a meal plan, or having a support person available at meal times. Others are ready to address deeper psychological issues and understand how they have adapted to their life situation or traumas.

Where ever you are in the healing journey we have a highly qualified team of practitioners that are focused on supporting the healthy self and healing the eating disorder self.

We incorporate our person-centred approach with foundations of systemic therapy to bring about shifts in behaviours, thoughts and relationship. According to Carolyn Costin - renowned eating disorder author, speaker and clinician - eating disorders can be healed.  

“When the healthy self is strong enough to deal with all that comes your way in life, the eating disorder self will no longer be useful or necessary".

Carolyn Costin

Features of Byron Private's Eating Disorder Treatment Approach

Weight and BMI Admission Policy

Byron Private’s approach to eating disorders is to support the healthy part of the individual through a range of therapeutic and alternative therapies and a balanced lifestyle.  Our Centre is not a hospital based “feeding centre” or focused on primarily food and weight, which requires you to be at a BMI above 17.5 and recent bloods prior to admission. All admissions are pending a phone assessment to ensure we can adequately support you with your treatment goals.

Management of those with low BMI may include weekly weighing by our GP. If the resident's weight falls while in treatment below levels deemed safe by our GP it can inhibit the ability to cognitively and physically take part in our program at Byron Private.

What to do now:

If you or your loved one is suffering from an eating disorder or disordered issues surrounding food, weight or body image and yearn to look at the difficulties in a held, safe and secure space then contact Byron Private Treatment Centre about our intensive residential program.

Our experienced and highly qualified multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, therapists and alternative health care workers will support clients to make peace with your body, mind and plate. You may also like to speak directly to the Clinical Director on 0457 888 890.

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