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3 Steps to Develop an Abundance Mindset

The way we think about ourselves and the world around us has the power to impact the course of our lives. Overwhelming research shows a direct link between our mindset and how we adapt to stress, how we create our success, the way we learn, our resilience and even how our immune system functions.

An abundance mindset is the fundamental belief that there is enough, while the opposite, a scarcity mindset, is the pervasive feeling of not having enough, no matter what we acquire. Abundance is not only who we are, but how we value ourselves and how much we appreciate what we have. When we feel we need something external to make us enough, we are always longing for that external something. While there is nothing wrong with owning material things, it is when we begin to identify with what we own, the less peaceful and happy we become, setting up a craving for superficial intensity to make up for the lack of real feelings we are experiencing.

So how do we foster an abundance mindset?

Here are 3 steps to develop a mindset of abundance.

1. Turn inward not outward

If we are looking for abundance outside ourselves, in a better job, more money, bigger house, or better relationship, we are still trapped in the addictive cycle of not enough. If we focus on external validation and comparison, then we will always be empty and in a state of ‘less than’ or ‘better than’. Turning in, is the process of examining and observing our thoughts and emotions, while tuning into our body and its reactions and responses.

How to practice? Techniques such as meditation, breathwork and mindfulness are helpful tools to still our mind and tune into our body.  There are a variety of therapies that can help us become friends with our internal world, supporting us to discover who we really are, what we need, not just what our ego wants.

2. Attitude of abundance

Abundance is an attitude; it is being grateful for what we already have, what others have and seeing the world as full of opportunities. An attitude of abundance isn’t concerned with comparing ourselves to others, it is a habit of connecting to our deeper value beyond the accumulation of money, power, and beauty. It is reflected in the way we share our good fortune so that it truly benefits another and does not just result in making us feel better or important.

How to practice? Challenging our attitude towards life isn’t as simple as positive thinking, it requires a fundamental shift in how we view our lives and take’s time and practice. We can start by simply writing down 5 things we are grateful for each day, or documenting our strengths, unique skills or vision for our future. We can identify and challenge our negative thoughts through The Work of Byron Katie or look for other self aware, committed people who are connected to life in a good way who will help us grow

3. Be mindful of your words

The way in which we talk to ourselves and others shapes our reality and is a fundamental factor in defining who we become. It not only influences how we feel, but also what we can achieve. Are you sharing stories of lack or stories of abundance? Do you constantly talk about something you lost out on, something that is not possible, or something that has gone wrong? Do you find yourself the perpetual victim of life, where “nothing ever goes right”?

How to practice? When talking to a friend, or importantly to ourselves, we take notice of what we are saying about our life, our experiences, what we believe and how we feel. Changing the way we talk takes conscious daily effort. Words often flow without much awareness, we can start by simply slowing down, noticing our thoughts before they become our words and therefore our language. The more aware and present we become, the more we can self regulate, sharing who we really are, and focus our attention on being interested, showing curiosity in others and listening in a way that draws people closer rather than pushing them away.

While abundance is who we are, and cannot be lost, finding our way home to it takes compassion, patience, and like all growth, is a life-long learning. The simple movement toward the spiritual or essence part of ourselves, is where we discover a life that is truly worth living, a life lived now, a life filled with one beautiful moment after another.

“I make myself rich by making my wants few.” – Henry David Thoreau

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